About Us

I buy and sell Petoskey Stones

 I have been buying and selling Petoskey Stones on my website for 5 years. I have enjoyed hunting them for many years.  

I sell to people all over the country and as far as Australia. Many of my customers have visited Michigan and hear all about the famous Petoskey Stones and decide they want one for a souvenir. Also, some have moved out of state and want something to remind them of the days when they hunted the Petoskey Stone themselves.

Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry

 I have a beautiful collection of "One of a Kind" hand crafted Gemstones Necklaces for sale on this site. I have been cutting, shaping and polishing gemstones for over 20 years. Each gemstone is hand selected and cut from prime gem sections. The shapes are specific to the patterns in the stone,then polished to the highest quality using my tried and tested methods.

My best sellers are the Pudding Stone and Leland Blue Necklaces.

I sell out of my home in Cadillac

My goal is to make every piece of jewelry one that a person can be proud to wear. 

The true beauty of the necklace is in the stone.

The true beauty of cutting, shaping and polishing them is in my soul.

My second goal is for everyone to have their very own Petoskey Stone to have and to love.