Pudding Stone Necklace's

Handcrafted Pudding Stone Necklace's

All my Pudding Stone Necklace's are hand crafted. I start with the whole stone and cut, shape and polish them. Each one is unique and has it own special character. 

About the Pudding Stone.

The Pudding Stone is found in woods, river beds and in the farm fields. It is a conglomerate of primary quartzite and pebbles of jasper. The pebbles very in color from red, brown, pick and purple.The ones on my site are found in Michigan.


Michelle Tipton - I get more compliments on my Pudding Stone necklace than any other one I wear !!

Cheryl MIller - I just love my Pudding Stone Necklace. My souvenir from Michigan.

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Good News !!

I just added some new Pudding Stone necklace's to my site.